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Monday, November 7, 2011

Download Romantic Love Poems

You Make Me Feel Spcial,

You Make Me Feel New,

You Make Me Feel Loved,

With Evrythng U Do..

You Hold Me Close When I Am Sad,

You Wipe D Tears From My Face,

Evry Time We Are Together,

It Seems Like D Perfct Place..

My Eyes Light Up When U Enter A Room,

I Smile When We Are Togethr,

No Mattr How Bad Things Are,

You Alwys Make Thm Bettr..

I Love D Way U Kiss Me,

The Way U Hold Me Tight,

I Love D Way U Touch Me,

I Could Be Wid U All Night..

I Love D Way U Can Make Me Laugh,

For Absolutly No Reason At All,

I Love How No Mattr What I Do,

You Will Be Thre To Catch Me When I Fall..

I Just Want U To Know,

Tht Evn Though We Somtims Fight,

I Will Alwys Love You!

No Mattr What, Day Or Night..

I Love You.....!