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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Download Friendship Day Wallpapers | Messages

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Always Draw A Circle Around The Ones You Love, Never
Draw A Heart Because Hearts Can Be Broken, But
Circles Are Never Ending

When God Opened The Window Of The Heaven He Asked Me:
What Is Your Wish For Today? "I Said : Please Take
Special Care Of The Person Reading This"

If Kisses Were Water, I Will Give U Sea. If Hugs Were
Leaves, I Will Give U A Tree.If U Luv A Planet, I Will
Give U A Galaxy, If Friendship Is Life I Will Give U

A Friend Gives Hope When Life Is Low, A Friend Is A
Place When You Have Nowhere To Go, A Friend Is Honest,
A Friend Is True. A Friend Is Precious A Friend Is U.

One Day U Will Ask Me: What Is More Important To You,
Me Or Your Life? I Will Say: My Life… You Will Walk
Away From Me Without Knowing That U R My Life!!!

Flowers Need Sunshine, Violets Need Dew, All Angels In
Heaven Know I Need U. Years May Fly, Tears May Dry,
But My Friendship With U Will Never Die.

A Friend Is A Person That Walks In When The Whole World Walks Out.

A Good Friend Will Bail You Out Of Jail. A Great Friend Will Be Sitting In The Cell With You Saying "Damn That Was Fun!"

What Is Friendship? Not Only A Word But A Relationship That Cannot Be Completly Defined By Words Itself.

Side By Side, Or Miles Apart, A Friend Like You Stays In My Heart.

God Is So Wise, He Didn't Create Friends With Price Tags Because If He Did, I Couldn't Afford You!!! Happy Friendship Day!

A Best Friend Is Like A Four Leaf Clover, Hard To Find And Lucky To Have. Happy Friendship Day.

Every Garden Must Have A Rose, Every Sweet Face Must Have A Smile, Every Grass Must Have Some Dew & Every Person In The World
Must Have A Friend Like "You". Happy Friendship Day!

Love Is Docomo, Do The New.
Marriage Is Idea, Can Change Ur Life.
Wife Is Hutch, Where Ever You Go She Follows.
But Friendship Is Airtel, Ek Atut Bandhan.

A Best Friend Is Somebody Who Knows Every Last Thing About U, Yet Still Manages To Like U Anyway.

A True Friend Is One Who Overlooks Ur Failures And Tolerates Ur Successes.

Can I Stay Here In Ur Inbox & Wait Till 5th Aug So I Will Be The 1st Person To Wish Happy Friendship Day?

6 Rules To Be Happy: Free Ur Heart From Hatred; Free Ur Mind From Worries; Live Simply; Expect Less; Give More & Always Have Me As Ur Friend .

If U Need A Friend And There Are A Hundred Steps Between Us, U Can Take The 1st Step To Get Near Me And I Will Take All 99 Step To Be There For U.

Handsome, Sweet, Intelligent, Spontaneous, Good Looking, Nice Friends, Charming, Funny, Well... Enough About Me! How About U?

Never Abandon Old Friends. They R Hard 2 Replace. Friendships Is Like Wine: It Gets Better As It Grows Older. Just Like Us.. Get Better, U Get Older.

A Great Friendship Is Formed Because Of Two Reasons; First Is To Find Out The Similarities, Second Is To Respect The Differences. Our Friendship Has Both Reasons.

Distance Means So Little When Someone Means So Much. Especially When It Is A Friend Like You.

Age Appears To Be Best In Some Things. Old Wood Best To Burn. Old Books Best To Read. Old Rice Best To Eat And Old Friends Best To Keep.

I Hope You Know I Would Not Be The Person I Am Today, Without You. My Best Friend.

I Do Not Think Much, I Do Not Think Often, But When I Think, I Think Of You!

We Gain And Lose Things Every Day. But Trust Me On One Thing: You Will Never Lose Me! I Will Always Be There As A Friend!

Thank You, Friend, For All The Things That Mean So Much To Me And For The Concern And Understanding You Give Abundantly.

If One Day U Feel Like Crying, Call Me. I Can't Promise To Make U Laugh, But I'm Willing To Cry With U.

If U Need Advice, Text Me... If U Need A Friend, Call Me... If U Need Me, Come To Me..

I Believe In Angels, The Kind That Heaven Sends. I'm Surrounded By Angels But I Call Them My Best Friends.

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