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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Download Love Poems

I Don't Think You Will,
Ever Fully Understand,
How You've Touched My Life,
And Made Me Who I Am…!

I Don't Think You Could Ever Know,

Just How Truly Special You Are,
That Even On The Darkest Nights,
You Are My Brightest Star…!

I Don't Think You Will Ever Fully Comprehend,

How You've Made My Dreams Come True,
Or How You've Opened My Heart,
To Love And The Wonders It Can Do…!

You've Allowed Me To Experience,

Something Very Hard To Find,
Unconditional Love That Exists,
In My Body, Soul, And Mind…!

I Don't Think You Could Ever Feel,

All The Love I Have To Give,
And I'm Sure You'll Never Realize,
You've Been My Will To Live…!

You Are An Amazing Person,

And Without You I Don't Know Where I'd Be,
Having You In My Life,
Completes And Fulfills Every Part Of Me…!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Life Tips, Love Tips

8 Best Moments In Life...

1> Giving The 1st Salary To Ur Parents..

2> Thinking Your Love With Tears..

3> Looking Old Photos & Smiling..

4> A Sweet & Emotional Chat With Friends..

5> Holding Hands With Your Loved Ones For A Walk..

6> Getting A Hug From One Who Cares You..

7> 1st Kiss To Your Child When He /She Is Born..

8> The Moments When Your Eyes Are Filled With Tears After A Big Laugh..

Wish U All Such Gr8 Moments...!

Have A Wonderful Life...!

Love Wallpapers, Love Shayari

Mulakat Maut Ki Mehman Ban Gayi H,

Nazar Ki Duniya Veeran Ban Gayi H,

Meri Saans Bhi Ab Meri Nahi Rahi,

Ye Zindagi Aapki Chahat Me Gulaam Ban Gayi H…!

Sapno Se Dil Lagane Ki Aadat Nhi Rhi,

Har Waqt Muskurane Ki Aadat Nhi Rhi,

Ye Soch Kar Ki Koi Manane Nhi Aayega,

Ab Hume Rooth Jane Ki Aadat Nhi Rhi…!

Kuch Nasha Teri Baat Ka H,

Kuch Nasha Dhimi Barsaat Ka H,

Hum To Kabse Nashe Me Dub Jaane Ko Taiyar H,

Intezar To Sirf Aap Se Mulakat Ka H…!

Mohabbato Me Jeene Wale Kush Nasib H,

Mohabbto Me Marne Wale Bhi Ajeeb H,

Azeem Hai Hamari Dastan JAANEMAN,

Faaslo Par Rahte H Phir Hi Dil Ke Qareeb H…!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Download Love

Ankhiyon Ke Jharokhon Se Maine Dekha Jo Saanware,
Tum Door Nazar Aaye Badi Door Nazar Aaye,
Band Karke Jharokhon Ko Zara Baithee Jo Sochne,
Man Mein Tumhi Muskaye Man Mein Tumhi Muskaye,
Ankhiyon Ke Jharokhon Se..

Ek Man Tha Mere Paas Woh Ab Khone Laga Hai,
Paakar Tujhe Hai Mujhe Kuchh Hone Laga Hai,
Ek Tere Bharose Pe Sab Baithee Hoon Bhool Ke,
Yoon Hi Umar Guzar Jaye Tere Saath Guzar Jaye,
Ankhiyon Ke Jharokhon Se...

Jeeti Hoon Tujhe Dekh Ke Marti Hoon Tumhi Pe,
Tum Ho Jahan Saajan Meri Duniya Hai Wahin Pe,
Din Raat Dua Maange Mera Man Tere Waaste,
Kabhi Apni Ummeedon Ka Kahin Phool Na Murjhaye,
Ankhiyon Ke Jharokhon Se...

Maein Jab Se Tere Pyar Ke Rangon Mein Rangi Hoon,
Jaagte Hue Soi Nahin Neendon Mein Jagi Hoon,
Mere Pyar Bhare Sapne Kahin Koi Na Chheen Le,
Man Soch Ke Ghabraye Yahi Soch Ke Ghabraye,
Ankhiyon Ke Jharokhon Se......!

Download Love

Ankhiyon Ke Jharokhon Se In English

From the window of my eyes, when I saw, O dear one,
I saw you far, I saw you very far,
when I closed windows of my eyes and sat thinking,
I saw you smiling in my heart, I saw you smiling....

from the window of my eyes..

I had a heart but now I am losing that,
I feel uneasy after meeting you,
I am sitting ignoring everything just for you,
let life just pass like that, let life pass with you....

from the window of my eyes..

I live looking at you, I die for you,
wherever you are my love, my world is there only,
my heart asks for blessings for you day and night,
let flower of our hopes not wither away....

from the window of my eyes..

since when I am coloured in colour of your love,
I cannot sleep and wake up while asleep,
that someone may snatch my lovely dreams....
my heart shudders at this thought....

Download Romantic Love Wallpapers

Monday, November 7, 2011

Download Romantic Love Poems

You Make Me Feel Spcial,

You Make Me Feel New,

You Make Me Feel Loved,

With Evrythng U Do..

You Hold Me Close When I Am Sad,

You Wipe D Tears From My Face,

Evry Time We Are Together,

It Seems Like D Perfct Place..

My Eyes Light Up When U Enter A Room,

I Smile When We Are Togethr,

No Mattr How Bad Things Are,

You Alwys Make Thm Bettr..

I Love D Way U Kiss Me,

The Way U Hold Me Tight,

I Love D Way U Touch Me,

I Could Be Wid U All Night..

I Love D Way U Can Make Me Laugh,

For Absolutly No Reason At All,

I Love How No Mattr What I Do,

You Will Be Thre To Catch Me When I Fall..

I Just Want U To Know,

Tht Evn Though We Somtims Fight,

I Will Alwys Love You!

No Mattr What, Day Or Night..

I Love You.....!