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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Love Poems

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All Of You By David Norman Meece

The Sound Of Your Voice Is Music To My Ear,
So Soft, Sweet, And Clear,
The Kiss From Your Lips Words Cannot Explain,
It Takes Away My Worries And My Pain,
The Caress Of Your Hand Sends Shivers Down My Spine,
Every Day I Thank God That Your Mine,
The Sight Of Your Lovely Face Takes Away All My Fears,
You're The One I Want To Love Throughout The Years,
For An Eternity I Want To Spend In Your Arms,
Everyday Graced By Your Beauty And Your Charms.

My Love By Tasha Shores

My Love Is Like An Ocean,
It Goes Down So Deep,
My Love Is Like A Rose,
Whose Beauty You Want To Keep.
My Love Is Like A River,
That Will Never End,
My Love Is Like A Dove,
With A Beautiful Message To Send.
My Love Is Like A Song,
That Goes On And On Forever,
My Love Is Like A Prisoner,
It's To You That I Surrender.

Dreams By Jessica Ann Trimble

I Dream Of Your Touch While You Are Away,
I Dream Of Your Smile All Through The Day,
I Remember The Day,
You Came Into My Life,
I Dream Of The Day I Will Be Your Wife.
I Dream Of The Day I Can Fall Asleep Next To You,
I Dream Of The Day I Can Say I Do.
To Be Your Wife,
To Be Together For Life,
Is A Dream I Have,
Every Night.

Your Love By David G. Kelly

A Gentle Word Like A Spark Of Light,
Illuminates My Soul
And As Each Sound Goes Deeper,
It's YOU That Makes Me Whole
There Is No Corner, No Dark Place,
YOUR LOVE Cannot Fill
And If The World Starts Causing Waves,
It's Your Devotion That Makes Them Still
And Yes You Always Speak To Me,
In Sweet Honesty And Truth
Your Caring Heart Keeps Out The Rain,
YOUR LOVE, The Ultimate Roof
So Thank You My Love For Being There,
For Supporting Me, My Life
I'll Do The Same For You, You Know,
My Beautiful, Darling Wife.