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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

One more day with you... love poems, India

I'm So Sad And Depressed,
Is All I Want To Do Is Rest,
I Go To Sleep At Night,
But My Dreams I Just Can't Fight,

I Think Of You Lying In That Bed,
And Wonder If There Is Anything I Could Have Said,
I Wish You Were Still Here,
But I Know That You Are Still Near,

I Love You More Than You Know,
I Just Wish You Didn't Have To Go,
I Just Want One More Day With You,
And I Know Thats What You Would Have Wanted Too,

I Miss You More And More Each Day,
There Is So Much More We Had To Say,
I Know I Will See You Again,
But My Life Is Just Started To Begin.


Umeaurhum said...

great work....
keep it up...

PHP said...

I would like to escape from your oblivion,
I would like to be the owner of your love,
I would like to live forever with you,
And so to be more than friends.
And not continue feeling this pain.

I would like to be able to scream that I love,
I would like to invent a world for two,
I would like to be the first on your list
And thus to be the Messenger of your heart.
Family Love Poems